A recent Medical News Today article has highlighted the results of a study carried out by an international team. The study identified 5 new gene regions that may increase the risk of a woman developing endometrial cancer. In order to identify the genetic variants this latest study used the DNA of more than 7,000 women with endometrial cancer and 37,000 without it.

Endometrial cancer refers to cancer of the womb / uterus lining (the endometrium) where the cells of the womb lining grow out of control. This type of cancer tends to be more common among postmenopausal women.

Some of the prominent symptoms of endometrial cancer include unusual vaginal bleeding such as bleeding between periods and much heavier bleeding than is usual, bleeding after the menopause, bloody vaginal discharge, and in some cases pelvic pain and pain during intercourse.

The New Study Results

We already knew about 4 gene regions that could increase the risk of getting endometrial cancer so the 5 other regions identified in this study could mean that we will be able to get a greater understanding of the genetic causes of this cancer. Some of the regions identified in the study were already to be known to be linked to other cancers such as ovarian and prostate cancer.

Cancer Research UK statistics tell us that there were over 9,000 new cases of uterine cancer in 2013 so any advance that could help in the fight against this type of cancer is very welcome indeed.

Now that these gene regions have been linked in this way to endometrial cancer they can hopefully be targeted with new treatments.

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