I have been performing complex vaginal surgery for over 25 years. When I was a trainee in the 90’s. the Manchester repair became an unfashionable procedure, but we have seen a great deal of interest in this procedure as a viable alternative to vaginal hysterectomy in the last 5 years. I now carry this procedure out routinely. This is because I am now seeing many young women with significant prolapse (mainly cervical) who do not want a vaginal hysterectomy, and accept this as an alternative successful prolapse procedure.

The procedure

I advise patients that they will require an overnight stay. The operation is carried out either under a general anaesthetic or spinal anaesthetic. It is extremely effective at reversing utero-vaginal prolapse and at surgery, I will shorten the cervix, and use the supporting vaginal ligaments to support the uterus. This prevents the need for a hysterectomy. I also will carry out a repair of the vaginal prolapse, and assess the bladder with a cystoscopy.

What vaginal prolapse will a Manchester repair treat?

A uterine or cervical prolapse. The cervix tends to extend in your 40’s and you may experience worsening dragging pain, and sex can become difficult. A classic presentation of a uterine prolapse is the presence of a lump presenting in the vagina, caused by the uterus dropping into the vaginal. I believe that a Manchester Repair is an excellent surgical option, with a swift recovery time.

The risks of vaginal surgery are related to prolapse recurrence, and this can happen with a Manchester repair. I offer appointments both in London and Manchester to assess your suitability.

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