I am a Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist with over ten years of experience working in both the NHS and in private practice. I am trained in different therapeutic approaches including CBT and trauma work, and can use these flexibly, depending on the presenting problem. This means we can work on current issues and events, in the here-and-now, but we can also explore how these might make sense in the context of the past. I specialise in psychodynamic therapy, which examines how early relationship dynamics have shaped us and how they influence our present feelings and relationships. This can include work on relational trauma and even transmission of trauma across family generations.

I treat a wide range of issues such as anxiety and depression, addictions, eating disorders, ADHD, and personality disorders, as well as PTSD and complex trauma. In private practice, therapy can cover a much wider scope, such as low self-esteem, bereavement and loss, sexuality, or relationship problems. It often also considers more ‘existential questions’ related to identity and the questions of ‘who am I’ and ‘what do I want’ – for example, in relation to romantic relationships or professional development.

A special interest for me is working with women and all issues concerning our bodies and our identities. This includes considering how psychological trauma can be ‘held’ in the body and how hormones can affect women’s mental health. I am a qualified mindfulness coach and yoga teacher and incorporate this into my therapeutic work if suitable.