Ballerine IUD

I am delighted to announce that I am pioneering the new and novel Ballerine IUB. The Ballerine has been developed to specifically “address a quality-of-life issue before the issue of effectiveness.” It is FDA approved, and I have been fitting the Ballerine in 2018.

Inserting a copper device into the uterus will effectively prevent pregnancy but nobody seemed to take into consideration how women feel about it. It can be painful and cause bleeding.

Ballerine has been on the market since 2014, and is sold in Israel and 19 countries across Europe and Africa.

It is like no other coil, and this is because of its unique clinical effectiveness. It is spherical, soft and has no sharp edges, unlike the current rigid T-shaped devices. No more breakthrough bleeding or pain.

Until recently, most doctors considered the uterus to be a flat triangle, and a copper T-shaped coil based on that notion would nicely fit.

But the uterus really is in fact a living and contracting muscular cavity. Once a T-shaped device is inserted, it will probably end up mal-positioned and that is why 60 to 70 percent of women using an IUD have increased pain and bleeding.

The solution has come about by the development of Nitinol, a metal alloy with unique elastic properties which is used in medical implants such as coronary stents.

Nitinol can be “programmed” to retain a certain shape.
The Ballerine IUD features several copper “pearls” strung on a flexible Nitinol wire frame. The frame is pre-loaded in a linear form inside the insertion tube; when it’s released in the uterus it coils into a three dimensional sphere.

The hormone-free Ballerine works on the same principle as other copper IUDs and is advertised as effective for up to five years before removal by a doctor, though future models could last up to 10 it years.

It is perfect for women who need contraception and will not cause pain or break through bleeding.

Ballerine Coil imports are currently restricted in the UK. The Kyleena is a recommended alternative.
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