Over a hundred thousand women have benefitted from using the Ballerine IUD for contraception. This novel coil is available in thirty countries, and I originally reviewed the Ballerine coil for the daily mail. At the time, this coil was being promoted as a safe alternative and most important of all comfortable form of intra-uterine contraception. The Ballerine can remain effective for up to ten years. Unlike the Mirena coil, it is hormone-free. However, its most novel and important feature is that once this coil is inserted, it forms a globe shape in your uterus.

The manufacturers hailed their product to be superior to the standard plastic t-shaped coil. This is because the early studies confirmed that it was less likely to cause pain with periods and heavier vaginal bleeding, which can occur with standard coils. I welcomed the introduction of this coil in 2018, and I have now fitted women with over 150 coils since then.

Compared to the standard coil, it is easy to insert, because it is smaller, and does not cause pain.

All coils work using a similar method. The Ballerine coil releases tiny amounts of copper into the uterus, impacting sperm function, fertilisation and prevention of implantation. The coil has been found to be over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

My team is always ready to help you with your questions about the coil. The consultation and fitting take approximately 30 minutes. I advise my patients to take paracetamol before the appointment. It is best to insert this coil after your period.

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