Adrian is recognised as one of the leading fertility specialists in the UK, and in addition to providing a bespoke assisted conception service he is a highly accomplished reproductive surgeon with particular expertise in the treatment uterine fibroids and Asherman’s syndrome, with an international reputation.

His assisted conception and egg freezing service is provided in a satellite arrangement with fertility clinics run by trusted colleagues so he can provide maximum support for his patients rather than having to worry about managing a busy clinic himself. It also means that he can choose the clinic best suited to his patient’s needs.

He also works with clinics in the US where he is able to refer patients for egg donation, surrogacy and gender selection. He manages the preparation and monitoring of IVF patients from his office in Upper Wimpole St and patients only go to the clinic for the egg collection and embryo transfer and is trialling a novel home scanning programme to monitor follicle growth.

He has worked with Nick Morris for over 30 years, and provides detailed scanning and second opinions and fertility support for his patients as well as surgical support and assistance in theatre.

Nick is very pleased that 3 decades on they are still working as a team.