Abnormal or irregular Uterine Bleeding is also classified as intermenstrual bleeding (IMB). IMP is when bleeding occurs between monthly periods, and can be both prolonged bleeding or also an extremely heavy period. The most common causes are:

I will assess you in clinic, having taken a detailed history and carried out a vaginal examination, and performed a vaginal ultrasound scan to assess the uterus and the endometrial anatomy, (the presence of polyps and fibroids. submucous fibroids and polyps are common causes of IMB).

I may need to perform an endometrial biopsy or perform a hysteroscopy or MyoSure procedure to biopsy and treat polyps and small submucous fibroids. In a woman in her late 40’s, a biopsy is sometimes necessary to exclude endometrial or uterine cancer.

The most common cause are submucous fibroids, polyps and displaced coils. These can be successfully treated by MyoSure treatments.

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What are the benefits of the treatment ?

A hysteroscopy or MyoSure procedure will allow targeted therapeutic treatment to remove the polyp and fibroid. This is day case surgery.

Irregular or abnormal vaginal bleeding FAQ's

I have had 1 episode of irregular bleeding ? what should I do?

You do not need to worry; it is acceptable to have a wild type period. If this becomes a pattern, please see your GP.

I have had a recurrence of irregular bleeding. What should I do? I previously had a uterine polyp?

You may have had a recurrence of the polyp, and you need a scan and a referral to a Gynaecologist.

I have developed extremely heavy menstrual bleeding continuously. What is the cause?

It is most likely to be a submucous fibroid, and this will need resection.

I am 17 years old, and have spotting between my periods. I am a virgin and am worried, what should I do?

Spotting is very common, and your GP can arrange an abdominal ultrasound scan to exclude a uterine polyp, but this is extremely unlikely.

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