Bleeding in early pregnancy is naturally a concern to any pregnant woman. This can represent an implantation bleed, when the fertilised egg attaches and implants into the maternal uterus, or it could represent a failing pregnancy, or a miscarriage. Mr. Morris will provide prompt support to determine the cause of the bleeding; including detailed blood tests, and ultrasound. Mr. Morris provides dedicated management, from outpatient support, to medical treatment and surgical treatment of miscarriage, and cytogenetic assessment of the placenta.

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What is Assessment and management of bleeding in early pregnancy?

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Assessment and management of bleeding in early pregnancy FAQ's

How is a missed miscarriage treated?

This can be treated either medically with misoprostol, or surgically by surgery to remove the products of conception.

What is the advantage of surgery over medical treatment?

Surgical treatment will ensure that there are no retained products of conception, and allow the products to be assessed for a genetic cause of miscarriage.

Can a failing pregnancy be supported?

If there is bleeding in early pregnancy, with a viable fetus, vaginal progesterone support (cyclogest) can be effective.

Is intervention necessary?

Once an ectopic pregnancy is excluded, some doctors will choose conservative treatment, and wait for the miscarriage to complete. However, there may be retained placental tissue which can give rise to irregular bleeding and delay a further pregnancy.

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