You may already have visited my website via the search engines (this Blog is part of that website although not linked via the menu) because you are searching for information about gynaecological services or obstetrics. You will see that I do list many of the main services on there with some detailed information. There are however many different outpatient services that I offer and I’d just like to give you an outline of some of the main ones here.

The Wellwoman Health Check is something I’ve written about in more detail on this Blog before but it is a very popular service which includes a full history examination, an assessment of an ultrasound scan, and the chance to discuss all of your health concerns. It also includes a Ca 125 test. This is a test to detect a protein called Ca 125 in the blood as the presence of a high level of this protein could be an indication of the presence of ovarian cancer cells. High levels of Ca 125 however can indicate conditions other than ovarian cancer such as endometriosis (where pieces of womb tissue are found outside the womb itself), fibroids (benign tumours in the womb), and of course pregnancy. All things considered the Wellwoman Health Check can be a great way to put your mind at ease about any health worries you may have, identify / detect possible threats to your health, examine and identify any symptoms you may be experiencing, explain smear results that you may have questions about, and get a clear snapshot of your health and wellbeing at this point.

Other outpatient services include Screening for thrombosis risk for contraception and hormone replacement therapy. HRT is something I’ve also written about earlier in this Blog and on my website, and this subject is something that I am asked regularly about. HRT advice is therefore an important outpatient service that I offer.

I also offer assessments for the treatment of premenstrual tension, urinary incontinence, and therapeutic management of polycystic ovarian disease and hirsutism (hairiness). I am also able to offer treatment of genital tract disorders such as bacterial vaginosis. Another outpatient service that I offer is the treatment for vaginal prolapse, both operative and non-surgical treatment treatments. Vaginal prolapse can have some very unpleasant symptoms and I am pleased to be able to offer help, advice and treatment options.

For more information about the different outpatient services visit my website, contact me online, or call 0208 371 150

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