Vaginal tightening and pelvic floor repair reconstruction

As a Consultant Gynaecologist, I have been trained to carry out complex vaginal pelvic floor surgery, and I also have also trained many junior doctors to perform these procedures.

As a Consultant Gynaecologist, I have developed a procedure to help rebuild and reinforce the perineal body (vaginal tightening) which is the convergence of the perineal muscles on the outside of the vagina. This is often mislabelled by cosmetic companies as Vaginoplasty, but is a reconstructive operation and rebuilds the perineal body at the entrance of the vagina. This helps improve defecation and also reduces vaginal laxity.

The levator group of muscles that form the perineal body is often stretched when your baby’s head ‘crowns’ at the base of the vagina. The natural effect of this overstretching is to reduce the frictional experience that accompanies penetration during intercourse and this leads to physically feeling less sexual pleasure. Some women have a condition called benign hypermobility syndrome, which can result in the vaginal tissues becoming severely overstretched. I have had a long term interest in this condition and work closely with Rheumatologists to help my patients who have symptoms from it.

Many women say to me that the perineal weakness destroys their sex life. Other women worryingly tell me they feel they are letting their partner down. Neither is the case, and simple vaginal tightening surgery which, is not complicated just requires the rebuilding of this perineal body. This type of vaginal surgery is effective and allows women to rebuild their confidence in their sex life.

Perineal body repair will reconstitute the muscle group and will improve not only yours but your partners full sexual enjoyment. Vaginal tightening surgery can be combined with labial surgery and is again day-case surgery. I also work with a psychosexual therapist who will help couples re-find and define their intimacy.

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