Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

Most of us believe that childbirth is the most rewarding experience a woman will ever feel. However, the physiological and anatomical changes of pregnancy and childbirth result in loosening of both the vaginal tissues and the supporting structures including the bladder and the rectum.

This naturally varies and to some extent, some women who have more elastic tissues are at greater risk of urinary incontinence and bladder irritability. They also will experience problems with defaecation.

The loss of vaginal muscle tone also varies and may occur after the birth of the first child.

The subsequent loss of muscle tone, which results in less friction during intercourse, can reduce the libido and the enjoyment of sex.

My aim with this type of surgical treatment is to improve the shape and structure of the internal aspects of the vagina and to reform the pre-pregnancy anatomy. This procedure can be carried out at the same time as labial or perineal surgery.

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