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We are delighted to offer the Mona Lisa Touch Laser Therapy in London. The Mona Lisa Touch is a carbon dioxide laser which can be used to help treat the vagina in the menopausal stage. At the menopause, the vagina can be very raw because the cellular layer are raw because of the lack of oestrogen.

Some women will benefit from systemic oestrogen, however other women will now be able to benefit from this new laser.

Some women benefit from vaginal oestrogen or from systemic oestrogen to help these symptoms but many women do not want to take HRT because of the potential side effects or in some cases the HRT treatments do not actually help the vagina.My colleagues Professor Stefano Salvatore in Milan has developed the Mona Lisa Touch system to help all women who have raw vaginal tissues. The Mona Lisa Touch is a 3 treatment programme, which is carried out over 3 months.

The initial treatment follows a consultation at one of our London clinic's and literally takes a few minutes. The second treatment is a month later, and the final treatment within a few months.

It is advised that women who have this treatment do not use vaginal lubricants for 48 hours before surgery and my advice is to refrain from sexual intercourse 48 hours after the first treatment. The data is exciting and promising. Mr Nick Morris has taken the opportunity to visit Professor Stefano’s clinic in Milan and I am impressed by his results and more importantly by what the patients have said to me.

Mona Lisa Touch treatment  available at the Portland Hospital in London, and it is best to book directly. The treatment costs £200 for a consultation and then £300 for the treatment. The Portland charge £300 for the equipment used. A treatment cycle is approximately £1800 excluding the appointment.

MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is not the same as “vaginal rejuvenation”, which are elective procedures essentially done for cosmetic reasons not medical ones

For further information or telephone booking please contact us on 0208 371 1510.



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