A. What are the pre-treatment and after treatment instructions?
Pre-Treatment Instructions for MonaLisa TouchTM vaginal laser:

  • Best to Refrain from intercourse 24 hours prior to your treatment.
  • Avoid the use of lubricants or vaginal creams 48 hours prior to treatment.

Post-Treatment Instructions for MonaLisa TouchTM vaginal laser:

  • Many patients should refrain from vaginal sexual activity for 48 hours following treatment.
  • Most patients resume normal activity as tolerated immediately after the procedure.

B. Do I need to be up-to-date on my pap smear before my treatment with the MonaLisa Touch?
Having a PAP smear prior to treatment is NOT required but is recommended that you continue preventive health with your GP or your Gynaecologist.

C. Is the MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser treatment painful?
The purpose of the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is to help relieve menopause symptoms including painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, itching and burning, and painful urination.
Although some patients had pain, most described it as uncomfortable due to their symptoms rather than the treatment itself.

D. Why do I need an annual MonaLisa Touch treatment?
The best answer is “protect your vaginal health and investment”. Although you returned to normal vaginal health after 3 treatments, symptoms will return over time as they would with age or other causes. Studies have shown the optimal time between “maintenance” treatments is 12 months.

E. How does the MonaLisa Touch feel during the treatment?
Patient sensation varies for everyone. I have been told that it’s similar to the sensation of jets in a hot tub. Others have described it as a snapping sensation, warm pulses, or pinching. The main complaint has been the pain caused by inserting the vaginal probe much like the pain they have been experiencing during intercourse. The inner labia are more sensitive than the vaginal canal due to increased nerves. Patients who have this tissue treated have experienced more pain and describe it as a snapping sensation.

F. What does it feel like after the treatment with the MonaLisa Touch?
Following treatment, patients have said that it feels the same as it would after having intercourse. It’s a similar sensation to recent intimacy.

G. When can I expect results?
Some patients have reported immediate results while others have said it was following the second treatment, when they notice significant improvement. Following the third treatment, patients returned to normal vaginal health.

H. Will my health insurance cover the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment?
Health insurance sadly does not cover this treatment. The MonaLisa Touch is considered an “elective” treatment.

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