Medico Legal – Terms and Conditions

  • My current terms of engagement are: £350  for a clinical assessment.
  • My current hourly fee rate is £250 for all time spent on the case.
  • Itemised billing and copies of receipts will be provided if requested.
  • Draft report produced within 2-6 weeks (dependent on complexity)
  • Report for court two weeks following return of draft.

In legally aided cases (where my fees constitute a disbursement), I expect you to make a prompt claim to the Legal Services Commission, and to advise me of any expected delay in settlement. In all other cases I expect payment within 10 days of invoice date from you my Client, irrespective of whether your client has paid you.
Should accounts not be settled within the agreed period, at my discretion, I have the right to charge interest on unpaid accounts at the rate of 2% a month, or part of a month, until full settlement is received.
I am not prepared to have my accounts subjected to assessment and look to you, my Client, to fund my assessment deducted relating to the Case, at any time.
I will use my experience, care and skill in fulfilling your instructions to the best of my ability. Please remember that I am an independent witness.
Please let me have your full instructions, together with any further relevant information you may have, and confirm your agreement in writing to the above terms. Please keep me closely informed on the progress of the case. I can probably help in the period before trial, if indeed the matter proceeds to that stage.

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